Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Wage Theft Continues: Two Live-In Caregivers Owed Over $350,000 in Unpaid Wages and Wrongful Dismissal

The Worker's Action Centre has released a new video as part of its "Stop Wage Theft" Campaign in Ontario that was launched in May. The entire press release is available here.

Lilliane and Vivian worked as caregivers and faced unpaid wages, long hours and no overtime. They were forced to take court action to recover over $217,000 in unpaid wages and over $137,000 for wrongful dismissal. This is wage theft.

Recently, Lilliane and Vivian spoke out publicly against wage theft at and press conference. Their stories were featured in a front page Toronto Star article and in widespread media coverage. The Minister of Labour was forced to respond publicly.

Many caregivers give up their lives to care for other people's children and elderly or ill family members. And unfortunately, it's an all too common reality that they don't get paid for excess hours and other basic entitlements under the law. Through actions like Lilliane and Vivian's the Workers' Action Centre's campaign is building momentum. Click here to watch Lilliane and Vivian tell their stories about standing up against wage theft for all caregivers in the latest Stop Wage Theft Video.

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