Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Bill 68: Workers forced to settle for less

Changes to Employment Standards under Bill 68 = More Barriers for Workers

Under Bill 68, Open for Business, the government is introducing changes to Employment Standards that are a huge step backward for workers. Instead of cracking down on bad bosses, Bill 68 will create more barriers for workers, while making it easier for employers to avoid paying what they are required to by law.

Mandatory self-enforcement of ESA rights :

  • Bill 68 would require most workers to try and enforce their ESA rights with their boss before filing a claim.

Facilitated settlements:

  • Bill 68 would give the power to the Ministry to settle claims for less than what workers are owed under the law.

Required information before a claim will be accepted:

  • Bill 68 would require workers to provide information about their employer and arguments about their case before a claim will be accepted, without a commitment to provide support to workers filing claims.

Go the Workers' Action Centre to see how you can take Action.